Leveraging video as a crisis communications tool. 

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Aperture Media is proud to support public education agencies like the Napa Valley Unified School District. NVUSD is the largest school district in Napa County, providing quality education to over 18,000 students in the Valley. During the 2017 fire storms, Aperture provided valuable crisis communications support to NVUSD. Daily informational videos like the one below were produced in Spanish and English to provide families and students with information about when schools would be reopening and the factors around the decisions being made. In total, these videos received over 180,000 views in total and were well recieved by local community members and families.


Why video in an emergency situation?

  1. Video allows agencies or corporations to clearly articulate their intentions and the reasons behind them.
  2. Video provides agencies with a face and genuine voice in a time where a press release or memo is not enough.
  3. Video lets you get more information out in a shorter time. 
  4. While it may be hard to believe, access to the internet and social media is more and more possible in disaster situations. Even when there's no power at home, consumers often still have mobile devices and are often clenching them for updates.


Our Tools

Mobile Studio: In this particular disaster we leveraged our mobile production studio "Aperture Bus" to host a mobile command center where videos could be captured, edited, reviewed, and uploaded to streamline our workflow and make things convinent for our clients. 

Live Streaming: In addition to highly produced video, our team also was able to live stream Napa County Fire and CAL Fire special meetings that were happening throughout the community. Many of these streams had hundreds of live viewers, and were usually more reliable and higher quality than what was being broadcast by local agencies. 


As a result of the success of the videos and online engagement, Facebook page followers on the NVUSD page went from 1,900 users to over 3,550 users in one week (that's an 86% increase in followers). Weekly growth has continued with retention at an all time high. And, with over 150,000 video views on the NVUSD page alone, there was a 16,568% growth in video view. 


New User Growth